Welcome, my name is Olivia Adams and I am a pianist, teacher, and researcher in Ottawa, ON.

I am invested in creating inclusive music spaces for students and promoting the music of women

through education, performance, and research.

Welcome to the Loud & Clear Podcast, a show dedicated to amplifying the voices of women in music. I am your host, Olivia Adams. The podcast is available on whatever platform you like to listen to podcasts on.

The podcast is grateful for the sponsorship of the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra. To find out about their upcoming season and to purchase tickets, click here.

Show notes:

Episode 23: Piano Music for One Hand

Episode 22: Adaptive Concerts with Jenna Richards

Episode 21: From the Podium with Dr. Jennifer Lang

Episode 20: The Playful Piano with Jenny Boster

Episode 19: Music Censorship and the Music of Berta Alves de Sousa

Episode 18: From the Podium with Janna Sailor

Episode 17: Hedda with Danika Lorèn

Episode 16: Music Picture Books with Anneli Loepp Thiessen

Episode 15: Handel’s Messiah with Oli Guselle

Episode 14: The Sound of Wine with Kimberley Sundell

Episode 13: A Musical Holiday Gift Guide

Episode 12: SongData with Jada Watson

Episode 11: Canada Music Week and the Music of Ann Southam with Amelia Yates

Episode 10 Red Leaf Pianoworks

Episode 9 Composing with Beverley McKiver

Episode 8 with Saeideh Rajabzadeh and the Music of Samuel Coleridge Taylor

Episode 7 with Debra Wanless – Happy Birthday Loud and Clear Book!

Episode 6 with Cosette Justo Valdés

Episode 5 with Melika M. Fitzhugh

Episode 4 with Karen Gerelus

Episode 3 with Judith Yan

Episode 2 with Allison Miller

Episode 1 with Sandra Mogensen

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