Welcome, my name is Olivia Adams and I am a pianist, teacher, and researcher in Ottawa, ON.

I am invested in creating inclusive music spaces for students and promoting the music of women

through education, performance, and research.

A Musical Holiday Gift Guide

13. A Musical Holiday Gift Guide 

Gifts for Kids:

ABC’s of Women in Music by Anneli Loepp Thiessen and Haeon Kang

The Whatifs by Emily Kilgore and Zoe Persico

Shades of Sound Colouring Books

Treble and Bass Clef Mittens  

Music Library Box


Homage by Samantha Ege and Castle of Our Skins

Curlicue by Karen Sunabacka and Darryl Friesen

Canadian Floral Emblems by Beverley McKiver


My Music Staff

Female Composers Club

Notability Ap

Piano Music She Wrote Directory

MaxMusic Esheet Club

Melika M. Fitzhugh Patreon

Physical Gifts:

Paintings and Prints of Shirley Elias

Staples Binding and Finishing

Hang Ups Jewelry

Heartstrings Jewelry  

Stocking Stuffers:

–   O’Keef’s hand cream

–   Practice chocolate

–   Pocket tuner

–   Sticky tabs

–   Midliner highlighters by Zebra

–   Coloured, erasable pencils

–   Music Book Page Holders

–   Ipad pencil

–   Hang Ups  

Video interviews: 

Hang Ups Jewelry – https://youtu.be/bOyIm2BJQ-I

Heartstrings Jewelry – https://youtu.be/dVKSMtN19w8

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